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Writing Updates: Skull Walker

Having fun writing this one. Had two characters "walk on" and found a role for them in the story. They're two gunslinging, creature-hunting sisters with a score to settle. Sometimes the most fun characters to write are ones you didn't plan on in the beginning of the story (hence the term "walk on" characters). I'm delving into the Duncan sisters' background, writing a backstory for them. Lots of fun.

Skull Walker is just past the 20,000-word mark. I'm anticipating it will end up being around a 30,000-word novella.

I just picked up Bryan Smith's novella Racing with the Devil. Really liking this one. Set in the 80's, it brings back a lot of memories, notably listening to Appetite for Destruction until I nearly wore out the tape. It's creepy and atmospheric. You can't go wrong with anything Bryan writes if you like horror.

I watched Event Horizon recently. Had never seen it despite it being 25-years-old. I liked it, and it holds up well. Space and horror are always a great combo. Going to try and watch at least a few more horror movies this month, especially Halloween Kills. Glad that it's coming out on Peacock.

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