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Works in Progress

Season of Crows is in the final stages of proofreading. I should be uploading it for sale within the next week. I also crossed the 10K word mark on the horror western I'm working on. Thinking this one might come out at novella length (30,000-40,000 words). I've got the cover art picked out and i'll be posting a cover for it soon. I've always enjoyed the weird western fiction of Joe R. Lansdale (and similar stuff), and have wanted to write something in this vein again (My novella, Vanished, is also a horror western).

I'm considering setting some horror novels in other time periods (notably the First and Second World War). Have some ideas about setting a novel in the late 70's, as well. When I think back to the 70s and 80s, it's amazing to think how little contact we had with our parents after leaving the house to play as kids. No texting or cell phones. That could be a ripe setting for bad things to happen.

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Listening to my dogs bark, as they're relegated to the back room during Trick or Treating hours. I'm working on a horror novella called Legends, which just passed the 20K word mark. I still have to pu