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The Veil and a Horror Novella

A good morning. Big BIlls' win last night. Lots of Super Bowl talk this season. I'm excited, but cautious about their prospects this season.

I finished up the draft of The Veil and it's being edited right now. In the meantime, I had an idea for a horror novella I'll write between books one and two of The Veil. The novella is a step back from the recent monster/supernatural stuff I've been writing. It's got good old human monsters. It's tentatively titled Legends.

I have some cover designs worked up for The Veil. Not sure which one I'll settle on, but here's a look at them.

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Listening to my dogs bark, as they're relegated to the back room during Trick or Treating hours. I'm working on a horror novella called Legends, which just passed the 20K word mark. I still have to pu