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Season of Crows Nearly Done

I have around 30 pages left to edit on Season of Crows. My editing process involves going through the draft and finding typos, plot inconsistencies, and awkward sentences. I add the chapter numbers after I write the draft, keeping track of those and the first sentence in the chapter (a spiral notebook works well for this). I also jot down any other corrections I might need to make, as well as character first and last names, what type of vehicles they drive, and other details. The goal is to keep things consistent through the entire manuscript.

During the editing phase, I'm also paying attention to the timeline and making any necessary corrections.

I make another pass, addressing my notes, before sending it to my proofreader/editor. During the first draft, I tend to cycle back and tighten up/correct things as to have a fairly clean first draft.

Here's a peek at the cover, as well.

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