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Progress on the Horror Novella

Skull Walker is nearing completion. I passed the 27K word mark. I'm anticipating it will finish up around 30K words. Coming to the final battle in the story and looking forward to writing it. I've done research on the fly regarding the Old West. Things like what houses were like saloons, and weapons. One of my characters had to carry a concealed pistol, and I wanted to know if there were small, concealed handguns available back then (there were - a Derringer was one model).

For my next book, I might return to the world of Nightshade (a world were supernatural creatures are all real and co-exist). I've thought of making this a series. So far, I have Nightshade (first book) and The Island (which ties into the Nightshade world). We'll see. Trying to get something out to readers every 3-4 months.

Still haven't seen Halloween Kills yet. My youngest son is coming home this weekend so we can catch Dune on HBO Max. I never read the book or saw the 80's movie version, so this will be a new experience.

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