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Progress on Horror Western

Skull Walker, my Horror Western in progress, has just passed the 15,000 word mark. I'm anticipating this will clock in around 30,000 words, a good length for a novella.

I created a Book Funnel account and will be taking part in a Halloween horror novel promotion with a group of other indie authors. More to come on that.

Season of Crows is officially out on all e-book platforms. Paperback to come.

I'll also be revising my business plan for the end of the year, with a focus on Book Funnel (book giveaways, the ability to send ARCs), starting another novel (or novella), and working on a direct sales platform in addition to selling on Amazon, Kobo, etc.

On the art front, here are some of my latest pieces. Trying to consistently put out 2-3 new pieces per week.

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