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New Horror Books

I started on a new book this week. It'll be a Sasquatch book. I've been toying with the idea of writing about the big guy for a while. The movie The Legend of Boggy Creek, which features the fabled Fouke monster of Arkansas, played regularly on Saturday afternoons when I was a kid. And it terrified me. I figured it was time to write about Bigfoot. An angry, vengeful Bigfoot that is prone to lurking around homes and tearing off limbs. Should be fun to write. Here's the back cover blurb I worked up.

Gina Peretti and her friends want nothing more than to get away to a friend’s lodge for a weekend. What they don’t know is the lodge is located near a monster’s hunting ground. A monster of legend with a reputation for violence. The local townspeople are aware of the creature, and sightings are on the rise. When the creature targets Gina and her friends, a weekend getaway will turn into a living nightmare.

More updates to come.

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