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Horror Novella Done

I finished up the draft of Skull Walker this weekend. It came in just over 30,000 words. Also working on a short story for an open anthology submission, and I started the sequel to The Island. The Island takes place in the Nightshade universe. After the sequel to the Island is done, I'll write the next Nightshade book. These will be shared universe books where legendary monsters are real.

Watched the Bills abysmal performance today. They don't look like a Super Bowl contender. Offensive line was horrible, Allen played poorly, and the play calling was uninspired. Despite all that, the Bills still had a chance to pull out a win in the last few minutes. A championship contender should be able to handle a 1-6 team. That didn't happen today. I also didn't like the decision to go all in on the punt block (with seconds left). I would've like to seen McKenzie have a shot at a return for a TD. Hopefully they bounce back next week, but the O-Line issues and lack of a run game are concerning.

I'm almost finished reading Richard Lange's Rovers. This will take a spot among my favorite vampire novels (Salem's Lot and They Thirst are two of my faves). It's that good.

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