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Horror Novel Gets a New Cover

One of my writing business goals for this year is to redesign/rebrand some of my covers. Some of them are fine, but they are also generic. A reader taking a glance at the cover wouldn't necessarily know some of my books were horror. I've redesigned three covers so far. Murderland has gone live with a new e-book and paperback cover. Description below.

You can purchase Murderland in e-book and paperback here:

Something has escaped the Tarp Brothers' Carnival Sideshow. A bloodthirsty creature bent on killing. It has made its way to the abandoned White Sands Amusement Park, known to many as Murderland.

As the creature terrifies the local population near White Sands, a police detecive and a group of college kids will come face-to-face with the terror in the woods. When the Tarp Brothers set out to capture the beast, all three groups will collide, resulting in a night of terror no one will forget.

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