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Happy Halloween

Listening to my dogs bark, as they're relegated to the back room during Trick or Treating hours. I'm working on a horror novella called Legends, which just passed the 20K word mark. I still have to publish The Return (sequel to The Island) and The Veil.

The Return is ready to go, edits and all. I just have to upload it. The Veil has been edited and I have to go through and make changes.

Might write one more novella before year's end.

It's been sparse as far as Trick or Treaters. Mostly the little ones out with their parents. We don't typically get a lot of kids on our street. I think not having sidewalks may have something to do with that.

I watched Barbarian the other night and liked it. It starts with a sense of unease right out of the gate, and that's something I wish more horror movies would do. Also saw Halloween Ends earlier in the month. The copycat/possessed killer angle didn't work for me, but I did see online there were some who enjoyed it.

Happy Halloween.

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