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Draft of Horror Novel Nearly Done

I have a handful of scenes left to write and then the draft of Season of Crows will be done. It's going to weigh in around 55,000 words. Strange Ways, my most recent short story collection, has been edited, and I just need to make changes and upload it.

I recently finished Delilah Dawson's Hit and Go Down Hard by Ali Seay. I enjoyed both. Go Down Hard is my favorite read of the year thus far. I recommend checking it out.

Jenn and I spent some time in our art/craft room last night. I have a drawing table and she has her Cricut stuff set up, among other craft supplies. Usually I do art on the fly, drawing at the dining room table, but it was nice to spend some time in the "studio." I did this piece on the heels of the Fourth of July.

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