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Dodged a Winter Storm

After avoiding any major snow for all of December, the Buffalo area finally got hit. I live around 20 miles south of the city, and we usually get hammered. However, this time the snow bypassed us, centering on the city and north towns. I'm not complaining. We probably would've gotten a couple feet. I'm sure it'll get us at some point this winter.

I got paperback copies of Skull Walker in the mail. Always fun to get copies of your books. That's one part of being a writer that never gets old. My Chromebook also bit the dust, so we purchased a new laptop.

I should be wrapping up the draft on The Return (tentative title), which is the sequel to The Island. I'll be writing more books in the Nightshade series. Also have ideas for future books/series, including:

Revisiting The Veil (I wrote around 60,000 words of this novel and set it aside)

A book on writing craft (nearly done)

A military Sci-Fi series

A ghost/supernatural novella

More books in the John Childress (Beat The Devil) universe

All these are subject to change, and some may or may not happen. Just a matter of deciding where I want to focus my time.

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