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Legends, my latest horror novella is available here

Richard Keppler is a small-town serial killer operating in plain sight. He wants to be remembered as a legend in the same way as Gacy and Bundy. Keppler sets his sights on Jeremy, his new neighbor. Jeremy is a writer and Keppler is determined to have someone tell his gruesome story.  


Hannah is a woman on a mission. She hunts down predators who prey on women. She's crossed paths with Keppler and is determined to put an end to his sadistic ways. When Hannah discovers Keppler's plan, she vows to stop him. Keppler has other plans, and the two meet in an explosive battle for survival.

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Izzo drags you into the shadows but doesn't leave you in the dark.

Author Scott Nicholson on Cruel Winter


A taut supernatural thriller that grabs you with strong, cold fingers and never lets go.

Author Jonathan Maberry on The Dark Ones

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