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Season of Crows


The locals believe when the crows arrive, the disappearances begin. Riverbend has a long history of murder and missing persons. People claim a shadowy figure lurks in the woods around town. A figure tied to the return of the crows. It's late fall in Riverbend and the crows are back. Thirteen-year-old Jack's best friend has gone missing. He starts seeing strange things around town, and soon finds out the legend may be true. There's something lurking in Riverbend, and it's hungry for souls.  Jack must confront Riverbend's dark secrets in order to learn his best friend's ultimate fate. 


A chilling supernatural thriller from the author of The Foundation. 

Izzo drags you into the shadows but doesn't leave you in the dark.

Author Scott Nicholson on Cruel Winter


A taut supernatural thriller that grabs you with strong, cold fingers and never lets go.

Author Jonathan Maberry on The Dark Ones